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Blending your SEO and digital marketing effort with few regular campaigns of paid ads (PPC) can give your small business online presence a quick boost and some immediate online lead generation and sales. SEO takes a little bit of time to start giving ROI and while the organic searches are improving, you can certainly rely on Google AdWords to attract online customers and leads almost from the day one.

Our experienced PPC team makes sure that you get a professional campaign set up on Google AdWords with proper keyword research, high ad score and low-cost bidding that converts. Running ads on Google is not a very difficult job to do, but running it effectively is. Its important that you drive only target traffic within your budget. We make sure that we set up your campaign properly and get you maximum of your PPC investment.

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Some Happy PPC Customers from UK

We take our marketing efforts seriously and have always maintained high standards and followed pop culture trends to connect with the local audience. We are delighted by the results of the Lucha Loans and Game of Loans campaigns. It’s been refreshing working with a collaborative agency team that understands our market area, including the expatriate community. Together, we’ve launched fun, relevant campaigns that captured our members’ attention and business.
Ben Work - Buddy Loans
We were very impressed with the progressive campaign and thought it spoke volumes to the reality of businesses looking for Internet. We have been working our way into the London area for almost a year now and are excited and ready to gain some traction in that city.
Mark Loher, Construction Co.
Sales and Marketing Director
We’ve worked with RMS for a long time and it’s been a great partnership. They are quick to respond and work very hard to deliver top quality PPC work. They understand the need to show ROI for the quid spent and offer many areas of expertise to help us achieve our goals. They give our account their best, year after year.
Roger Vizby - Straightens Delights
Director of Marketing
The team at RankMy.Site has helped our business rebrand and move into the digital marketing and sales arena. Always friendly, always responsive, and a true partner to our business. We are fully committed to HubSpot being the key to taking our sales to the next level (of course with Matt's expertise and creativity). We know it will take some time to get scaled up and using all of its features, but it is obvious what it can do for us if utilized. We are so excited what HubSpot & RMS can do for us.
David Colin - Ristic Insurance
On behalf of the Trinity Festival it is my pleasure to recommend Rankmysite. The growth and success of the event is due to the superb ad campaign development and the management of our multi-media ad campaign. The coordination of website, social media and new phone application is entirely the responsibility of RMS. The added value of their long-term media relationships and sponsorship track record is one of the reasons we have seen continued growth and success of our events. Without the services, support and professionalism of RMS, we simply would not be able to provide such a high quality festival.
Jon Emtal - Trinity Festival
Lead Manager

From account creation to keyword research, ad copy, conversion optimisation and regular bidding adjustment, we manage all aspects of your PPC campaign, making sure that you get quality targeted leads with least cost per click that convert.

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Client satisfaction is guaranteed. We provide results - more leads, more sales within your budget.

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Frequently Asked PPC Campaigns Questions

When Do You Start Spending Money?

Running a successful PPC campaign need a lot of background work, research, landing pages optimisation, ad-words grouping, ad text copies, conversion tracking etc. First month is mainly spent on preparing your website for the ads and setting up account, campaigns, keywords, conversion tracking etc. We may run some test ads during the first month as well to start Google’s machine learning, but the actual PPC spend starts from the 2nd month on-wards. You can add up-to £2000 ($3000) per month of ad budget without any extra ad management fees.

What Does Your Fees Include Exactly?

Our monthly packages include everything you need to start generating leads using Google Ads. Our team will take care of creating or optimising your existing Google Ads Account, keyword research, professional bidding strategy, campaign types and killer ad copy that will increase your CTR.

We will also review your website to advise you to make changes for your landing pages to increase ad relevancy for quality score purposes and user experience for conversion optimisation purposes. We guarantee target search terms, industry level CTR and higher rate of conversion based on our landing page suggestions.

What If I Need Help in Landing Pages?

We provide very clear instructions to your webmaster or developer about the changes that we may need to improve conversion rates. However, if you do not have a tech person who could implement these changes, our team can create or tweak your existing landing pages for a very affordable fee.

A Note About Transparency …

We have seen so many clients who have been ripped off for PPC campaigns without any results and without even having any access to their monthly campaigns. At, we run all ads on your Google Ads account, you set up the payment methods and you are in-charge of everything, we just run the campaigns. You can log-in any time to see the status of campaigns, CTR, conversions, keywords, amount spend, change or cancel your billing with Google etc. We can not modify or access your debit/credit card and we can not use this for any other campaign except yours. Your card is saved with Google and only you have the control over what you pay and when you pay.

What if I Need to Spend More Than £5000 ($7000)/M

You can spend as much as you want if you see the ROI is worth the spend (and we are sure you will). If you need to increase your campaign budget more than £5000 ($7000) per month, we will discuss a better pricing option for you, when you are ready.