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Our specialised team of content writers is well versed with regular web copy or blog post writing in a variety of niche industries. Affordable monthly blog post writing with royalty free images. All our content is optimised for SEO by our experienced content marketing team to get you to the top of your organic search results for given keywords.

  • 4 x 350 words per month including a royalty free image.


  • 8 x 350 words per month including a royalty free image.



If you are too busy to keep up to date with your blog, let our professional team do the job for you. All our writers are native English speakers, based in UK. Try to feel the difference.

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If you are struggling to get organic traffic to your website, you may want to know the reasons behind it. This in-depth report gives you all the answers to your questions including on-page, off-page, competitors and keywords analysis and much more. A notion of love from the RankMy.Site founder.

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Content marketing is by far the bottle neck of every small business in the world. Whether you want to keep up to date with your social media content marketing or your weekly blogpost, it’s always very expensive to hire a full time writer for a small business. As a small business digital marketing agency, we have over 70 professional native UK/US writers who have vast experience in most of the industries and niche writing. Based on your requirements, choose the package that suits your needs and let us do the leg work. If you need a custom package, need more words, a long power content, an ebook or a guide, an infographic or something bespoke, please contact us and we will make sure we do the content writing the way you want it.

SEO Copy Writing

In the specific context of the internet, SEO (search engine optimization) is a service which a webmaster ignores at their own peril because a failure to implement it on any sort of meaningful scale will practically spell the end of their site. This is because they will fail to attract a sufficient level of traffic to sustain their website, thereby meaning that the overheads incurred in relation to the website simply become too great.

Another truism is that: “familiarity breeds contempt” in other words, a saturated level of exposure to a particular thing can lessen its impact and effect upon a person. In the event of a joke, if it is continually repeated and relied upon then the punchline will become stale and tedious to the listener who has heard it so many times before. In the same way, SEO too has suffered the same fate in that it no longer manages to attract or generate the same level of awe in webmasters as it did when it first came out.
It is important to appreciate that this does not mean that the inherent value or usefulness of SEO has diminished any, rather, it is simply a reflection of how blasé people have now became to the subject as a whole. It seems that it is now SEO Copywriting that rules the roost and it is SEO Copywriting which is the singularly most pressing concern for the vast majority of different webmasters when they are contracting the work out to others.

To the novice, SEO Copywriting and SEO services as a whole are one and one the same and therefore any distinction in price between the two is merely an attempt to con them out of their hard earned cash for no extra value. Nothing could be further from the truth for there is a degree of difference between the two and so it is imperative that the webmaster is actually aware of the distinction between the two so that they may choose the right one for the task at hand.

Specifically, SEO Copywriting refers to the process whereby a sales letter, i.e. a text document which is designed to promote the goods and or services of a particular company. The crucial aspect of SEO Copywriting is that the wording of the sales letter will be written in such a way that the document will be more likely to appear in a variety of different search results submitted by an internet user whenever they use a search engine.

Please note that whilst there is a standardized format for SEO Copywriting in order to achieve maximum exposure and success, SEO Copywriting is far from being an easy task to accomplish or achieve. It requires a significant command of the English language in order to not only persuade the client that they should rely upon the company for whom the sales letter has been drafted for, but in addition to allow for the SEO aspect of the sales letter to be concluded in such a way that it does not appear artificial or forced.

Too many novices try SEO Copywriting and the results are, quite frankly, an unmitigated disaster. The end result is a document which is heavily reliant upon keywords which means that the natural tone and prose of the document is significantly compromised as well as hindered and it also means that the document fails to win the customer over. Therefore, whilst the technical component of the document has been achieved with success, the academic aspect of the document fails miserably.

At the risk of sounding patronising: if you do not know how to properly achieve SEO Copywriting, then please do not try it. You will end causing yourself more trouble than good, and you will also run the risk of alienating the search engines as well.

Are you looking for a SEO Copywriting service provider who is skilled, experienced and offers extremely competitive pricing for the services that they render? Then look no further than We only rely upon writers who are native English speakers and who actually pride themselves on the quality of their work. Rest assured, there is no need to worry about dud service with us, because our strict quality control means that no mistakes can or will arise.