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Dashboard Overview

Our Dashboard is a revolutionary SEO platform to help you sky rocket your organic visits. You can manage all your SEO from start to end without assistance and just with a few clicks of your mouse. Evaluate progress for your website SEO at a glance by looking at Project Dashboard Overview. You will see what tasks needs your immediate attention and easily keep track of all important metrics like number of visitors, number of backlinks, SERP rankings and overall site SEO optimisation level. Understand how much your website is optimised in percentage.

Getting Started

Once you've signed up to our dashboard, the campaign setup is a wizard-guided process where our algorithm suggests the most relevant keywords and the top few competitors to have a regular comparison. In few hours, your first report is generated and you can log-in to see how your website is performing at the start of campaign including the benchmark ranking. Our system generates automated reporting every two weeks where you can see the current level of improvement in your website grading and overall keyword ranking as compared to when you started using our dashboard.

This is how our guided wizard will assist you to set up your first project. The first window will ask you to put your website URL so our platform can analyse it for its keywords and competitors without any further input from your side.

Once you enter your website URL, our system automatically checks if the website is live and functional and there is no error in the given URL. If all is good, it registers your website in our dashboard. You can also add your personal notes and see other options for your website on this page.

Once you create project, our wizard will take you to the next page where it will ask you to choose which country or search engine you would like to track your website for. As a small business, you would also want to put your business location to appear in Google local results.

Based on your website niche, our dashboard automatically scans and quickly brings you a list of relevant keywords according to the content of your website. You can select any of these keywords that you feel fit for rank tracking or you can add your own keywords manually.

Our system has already teamed up with Google Analytics so you dont have to log into multiple places to access your business data. Simply connect your dashboard with your Google account and all your analytics data will be shown in your RankMy.Site SEO dashboard at no additional cost.

Our smart technology also detects who are your top competitors based on your business niche. You can choose which competitors you need to watch for their ranking and backlinks. You can also add competitors manually on this page if they are different from the automatically populated list of competitors.

Before you finish setting up your project, you can have more options to choose from for your ranking and other reports. You can schedule scan of your website and your competitors website, social media, web buzz etc or you can leave it and create manual reports whenever you like.

Congratulations, you are done. Click finish and let our dashboard work on your website. Visit back in few hours and you will have detailed project overview of your website in your dashboard. You can also choose to create a consolidated report at finish. Optimise your website as you go.