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RankMy.Site SEO platform is like your in-house SEO expert who tells you exactly what to do to reach the top of Google, and it's much more affordable for a small business! With less than 2 hours a week, using our AI-driven SEO platform, now you can rank your website in Google and other search engines like a pro!

And don't worry, we will be there to help you each step of the way!

What's Included?

Our SEO Platform has everything that you need to complete all SEO tasks in-house with less than 2 hours a week. You don’t need to hire expensive SEO expert or spend thousands with an agency.


How Our SEO Platform Works?

RankMy.Site is a combination of easy-to-use DIY SEO tools created specifically for local & small business website ranking. Our platform automatically scans your website and generates a step-by-step actionable SEO plan to increase your website rankings in major search engines.
With tens of SEO analysis tools, you can understand your website issues and how to fix them, spy on your competitor's success factors, search for the relevant keywords, analyse your social media effectiveness and integrate Google Console & Analytics to get all the data under one roof.
Our SEO platform not only cracks down on your website SEO issues, but also breaks down the reasons for each issue and gives practical advise on how to fix them in easy simple steps. You can also automate website submission to 100s of search engines, directories and external websites from the dashboard.
Well optimising alone is not enough if you do not know how your website is progressing. From your dashboard, you can monitor overall progress of your website from the project overview tab or have more detailed reports of ongoing issues, SERP ranking, social media progress and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The RankMy.Site SEO platform is a revolutionary product developed by experienced SEOs. Choose an actionable SEO plan using step by step guidance from our in-house SEO team.  With our SEO Solution, you are in full control of your website ranking. No need to pay a large sum of money and enter into long-term contracts. We are so confident in our system that we offer 14-days money back guarantee and we do NOT bind you in long term contracts. With RankMy.Site, pay as you go on a monthly basis, as long as you want to.

RankMy.Site is considered to be the leading and most effective do-it-yourself SEO platform for local & small business websites.

We help our customers generate business from organic traffic using basic SEO techniques.

Improve your website ranking with small easy to be done tasks from your control panel at your own pace.

Thousands of local and small business websites, webmasters, SEOs and marketing companies are using our platform with great success!

Here are the key components of our platform:

Improve and track the progress of a website’s traffic & search rankings from a single dashboard

Receive an easy, step-by-step plan with instructions on how to optimise your website for local & small business

Track up to 50 keyword rankings and optimise your website landing pages

Spy on your competitors’ rankings and metrics to see where the business stands – don’t worry, they’ll never know!

Get the website scanned regularly with immediate results to see if a task has been implemented correctly

RankMy.Site SEO dashboard stands out from its competitors by our continuous effort in updating the platform to stay aligned with Google and other search engines’ guidelines, providing simple explanation of SEO concepts, and providing dedicated customer support from real SEO experts.

The dashboard was designed with non tech-savvy users in mind, it shows a website’s results, progress and issues. All you need to do is scroll down! There’s nowhere to get lost. And if you need help, we’re only a click away.

Time to see results varies for everyone and is directly related to the amount of time & effort put into fixing and optimising the website. We’ve seen traffic increase results for our users in less than a month, but the most common scenario for ranking improvement is within a time frame of 6 months. SEO can be a bit of a waiting game but delivers incredible results in the long term.

We recommend that local & small business owners should dedicate at least an hour a week to working on their website SEO. It takes some time at first to get acquainted with certain concepts, but with our step-by-step actionable plan tailored specifically for your website, it is doable and our platform was created for users who are not tech savvy.

You can optimise as many keywords as you like. Our DIY SEO package starts at 50 keywords but you can always increase the keyword amount as you go.

Right after signing up, our SEO onboarding wizard will guide you to a quick start with your website analysis, desired keywords, competitors analysis, on-page recommendations and detailed analysis report with recommendations. Its simple two-Step process to start growing your online business.

Step 1: Understand your Site’s SEO issues – Your site is scanned for the first time and the platform takes you to our SEO Dashboard, where you’ll see a score and Insights on metrics regarding your traffic, technical SEO issues, other open issues, and rankings for your chosen keywords and competitors analysis.

Step 2: Start Fixing Your SEO issues and Improving your rankings and traffic! These results and Insights act as your tailored SEO plan, from where you’ll get easy, step-by-step instructions on how to fix any issues, and improve upon other parts of your site which will help your SEO.

Automate Your SEO & Rank Your Website High with Our Revolutionary SEO Platform

Whether you are a startup or an established small business, now you can get more customers by ranking your website high on auto-pilot with our reputed search engine optimisation platform used by more than 4,200 customers. Dominate search engines with in-depth website analysis, actionable step-by-step SEO checklist, backlinking automation and regular website analytics and progress reports.
  • Fully functional SEO Dashboard with 15+ premium industry SEO tools used by SEO professionals.
  • Get regular ranking & SEO reports (50 keywords) and Monitor progress whenever you like.
  • Easy-to-use, unique SEO task engine with step-by-step implementation. Run SEO tasks like a pro.
  • Submit to search engines and directories with a single click with content submission automation.
  • Monitor your brand and compare with competitors using or reputation monitoring feature.
  • Link your Google Analytics & social media to your dashboard & monitor progress at one place.

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