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What exactly is RankMy.Site?

RankMy.Site is a subscription based SEO platform combined with 15+ premium SEO tools for SEO ranking of small businesses. Our platform is driven by algorithm and a lot of integrations with data providers to automate your SEO effort. Even though the platform is automated, all campaigns are still monitored by our in-house SEO team with a bonus 50 backlinks every three months. Our team also optimises your home or any of your landing page that your prefer for its on-page SEO including Meta Title, Meta Description, Content Optimisation etc. 

While the platform is busy fixing your website SEO, you can also log in and evaluate your website progress based on recommendations and action plan custom developed for your website. You can also automate your content submission from within the dashboard. Our SEO Dashboard will increase your website visibility and will help you increase your sales through website ranking in Google and other major search engines.

If you have more keywords to rank, more pages to optimise and need regular monthly link building, we also provide
premium managed SEO plans for small businesses with highly competitive pricing. You will have still full access to our SEO dashboard and you can monitor your progress day-by-day.

There are so many SEO companies, why should I use RankMy.Site?

The best thing about RankMy.Site SEO is that everything is transparent and you will know what exactly your website issues are, what is being done to fix them and how well you are improving for your keywords ranking. You will have full access to our powerful automation dashboard to even enhance your own SEO and also generate reports and monitor day to day progress of your website. We take the guess work out of your SEO effort and provide concrete results.

We are in SEO business since 2008 and we know how to get you to the first page of Google. On top of it, our quick local support will help you during the journey and with our managed SEO subscription packages, you can be rest assured that your SEO is being worked on professionally.

One biggest proof of our long lasting success is that we do not bind you in long-term agreements. Our all subscription packages are monthly rolling, so you stay with us only if you see added value to your business.

Where is the company based ?

RankMy.Site is a UK based company based in London. We provide 24/7 UK based phone and chat support. We do not outsource our customer support outside UK. You will get a great personalised service round the clock. Our address and contact information is given on our website.

Since how long are you in business?

RankMy.Site is a subscription based SEO Automation revolutionary product that we have used for years to server our large global clientele base. The product is a joint effort of the leading branding agency IBIS Branding & Smart SEO. The platform is result of over a decades experience of managing thousands of small business owners SEO and digital marketing. The platform was rebranded as RankMy.Site using our revolutionary SEO Dashboard in 2018 to provide a more cost effective SEO solution to our local and small business clients worldwide.

What's difference between Automated and Managed SEO plans?

Both Automated and Managed SEO Plans use our famous SEO platform where you can manage and grow your website online presence.

You can subscribe to our dashboard to put your website SEO on auto-pilot. Our team will also optimise one of your landing pages (or home page) for its on-page SEO needs, including METAs and content optimisation for up to 5 keywords. You also get 50 bonus links every three months.  Your site will be analysed, you will receive periodic emails with tips and actionable plan. You will be able to automate directory submission, local citation, blog posts and other white hat link building from the dashboard.

In Managed SEO Plan, you get more keywords and more number of optimised pages. In managed SEO, you will also get regular monthly manual link-building. You still get all the benefits of our SEO Dashboard along with monthly SEO management (both on-page and off-page) by our professional SEO team. You can see a 6-month service level agreement of our 
managed SEO Plans here.

Is the dashboard easy to use?

The dashboard was designed with non tech-savvy users in mind, it shows a website's results, progress and issues. All you need to do is scroll down! There's nowhere to get lost. And if you need help, we're only a click away.

What happens after I sign up?

After you signup for a free trial, you can add your website and complete the campaign set-up process guided by our automated wizard. You can check your website issues, suggestions and reporting etc from the dashboard during your free 14 days trial. After the trial period is over and you feel confident about our company and the technology and moved up to a paid automation plan, our team starts optimising your landing page (or homepage) for its on-page SEO.

Our in-house team also does the research and sets up your campaign professionally once you have moved to a paid plan. We monitor your SEO progress regularly and activate reporting right into your inbox twice a month. As a bonus, our team builds 50 manual backlinks to boost your ranking. If you get familiar with the dashboard, you can also check any issues that need your urgent attention or send them over to your webmaster to fix them immediately like broken links or toxic backlinks etc.

What are you support hours?

Our dedicated team is available for a phone, chat or email support round the clock. For in-depth technical inquiries, we try to reply within 48 hours during the week days. Our phone support is available 24/7. Our complete contact information is given on our Contact Us page. Our all support agents are based in UK.

I have more than one website, do I need to create a separate account for each website?

No. you can add extra websites under your same current account. Just shoot us an email of number of websites and we will open the system for you. If you manage 5 or more website, you may contact us for a reseller dashboard rather.

Do you have a reseller programme?

YES. If you are a webmaster, a programmer, a web designer, a hosting reseller or even an SEO company, in fact you can earn quick money using our white label SEO programme. You get a branded dashboard and branded reporting. We don't talk to your clients and we do all the leg work in the background. Please contact us to know more about our reseller SEO at

Why don’t I see any testimonials on your website?

We all know getting online testimonials is the easiest way to promote your business online, but do they really prove anything? That’s why we have decided to work a little different. We don’t want you to take our or our customers’ words for this. We want you to try our full SEO dashboard for free for 14 days. If you are convinced with the system, with our great support and with the transparency, you will be part of our thousands of client list and we will still not ask you for a testimonial ! how cool is that :)

I don’t have a Paypal account, how can I signup?

Don’t worry. If you do not have a Paypal, you can sign up using your debit/credit card. We can do this on phone for you while you are with us. You can also create a Paypal account at the checkout on our website.

Will I be charged when I sign up with Paypal?

Our all packages come with a free 14 days trial. You will not be charged for the first 14 days and you can try our full system for free. In highly unlikely case that you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days and your Paypal information will be deleted from our system and you won’t be charged a penny.

Why can’t I try your system without a Paypal ?

To provide dedicated service to our genuine customers, we need to make sure we keep all time-wasters and intel-companies off our back. To make sure we don’t have hundreds of fake sign ups every day, its mandatory that you use your Paypal account to signup for free trial. Don’t worry, you wont be charged for the first 14 days. Secondly, you are safe with PayPal buyer protection and your money can not be wasted if you don’t like our system.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

YES. In fact we do not bind your into long term SEO contracts like many of our competitors. We want to make sure that you only stay if you feel added value to your business with our SEO Dashboard. You can cancel your subscription before 14 days without any charges. You can cancel your subscription any time before the start of next billing cycle.

If I cancel my subscription, will my website data will be deleted?

We all know life can get tough and sometimes you need to take a little break. That’s why we keep your website data in our system for up to 3 years if you cancel your subscription. However, your data will be removed completely if you "delete" your profile. If you cancel your profile and should you decide to rejoin, you will find all your campaigns and data safe with us without any hassle to re-invent the wheel. It can’t get better!

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