Guest Blogging Services

Guest Bloggins Services

Guest blogging is an integral part of our link building strategy. Guest blogging is also named as blog posting, blogging, or blog writing. If done properly, links generated by guest blogs are the best links you can get over the net. SEO Services Dubai provides quality guest blogging service on competitive rates. Over the past several years of SEO link building, we have developed close relationship with niche blogs that accept only quality blog posts and endorse the post with proper backlink. Our research team is always searching and maintaining a list of different quality blogs where we can post links for your site to increase your natural ranking.

How Guest Blogging Works?

Guest blogging as it is evident from its name is when you request another site to post one of your uniquely written articles on their blog in return of having a one-way link back to your site. Guest blogging is a link building technique that takes considerable time and effort to produce fewer quality links and it’s a process that needs to be continued for long to get enough posts for your website to give your site authority. Guest blogging is not a rocket science and you can do it by yourself, however, it’s quite time consuming and that’s why clients normally prefer us to do guest blogging on their behalf so they can concentrate on sales and other aspect of their business to generate more cash flow.

You simple need two things for guest blogging

– A quality blog that accepts guest posts

– A quality uniquely written article to be posted on that blog

However, the first part is not as easy as it seems. It is quite time consuming to search for relevant blogs, contacting the blog owners, negotiating with them for a link against a quality article, or in some cases, negotiating one-time administration fees some blogs may charge for posting your article.

Guest Blogging Process

  • Niche blogs are researched based on theme of your business. For example, if you sell laptops, we will put your post on only technology blogs and not a healthcare or fitness blog.
  • Proper category or sub-category is searched within the blog to post your article. This makes it more relevant when Google indexes your link and makes it more natural.
  • Links are placed keeping in mind the natural flow of the article. Some blogs only put link in the footer or in author’s bio, and others may do it in the article body.
  • If more than one link is allowed, then exact anchor text is mixed with a generic anchor text or a direct URL link.
  • If the blog post appears on the homepage or main category page, we try our best to place a link in the intro section of the post so that you get a link juice from an existing high PR page. Normally it takes several weeks until the newer blog posts tick your article to the second page and it gives plenty of time to get link juice from the blog homepage.
  • All posted blogs are checked regularly to make sure they are not removed.
  • Proper guest blogging sheet is shared with the client regularly.
  • Only quality blogs are included in our guest blogging service.
  • Unique, high quality, user-friendly content is written based on your niche/business and NOT the keyword. Your keywords are then inserted cleverly inside the post to make them appear as contextual link.
  • Written content for your blog post is not repeated on any other website, neither we spin it create several versions of your blog. This can be verified easily through Google.

Guest blogging is included in our monthly SEO managed services, however, we do offer guest blogging services on as needed basis for the sites that need some quality links to increase their SERP. Please contact us to learn more about our guest blogging service and the rates.

  • It will significantly improve your site’s search engine ranking
  • You will attract higher volumes of targeted web traffic
  • The additional traffic will be relevant to your site
  • You’ll achieve a higher conversion rate of sales per visit

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