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We are a professional local SEO agency, serving clients for the past two decades. Our experience positions us as the leading choice for local SEO solutions. We have worked with businesses in almost every sector and a wide range of international organisations. No matter the region or industry, we can help improve your local profile and drive more organic traffic to your website.
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Benefits of Local SEO

With local business SEO, you receive a cost-effective strategy for reaching more customers. Almost half of all Google searches are for local services and stores. Professionally crafted local SEO helps you climb the search rankings to acquire more of this traffic:

  • Greater visibility in local searches
  • More organic traffic to your website
  • Increased foot traffic to your location
  • Long-lasting results for continued growth

What is Local SEO ?

Local SEO marketing involves a series of SEO strategies intended to increase your visibility in local searches. When consumers in your area search for relevant products or services, your search position influences the number of visitors you receive.

Close to three-quarters of consumers who perform a local search visited an establishment within five miles. Most of this foot traffic goes to the websites that receive the top three positions in local Google searches or Google Maps.

The information that appears in local searches and Google Maps comes from your Google My Business listing. RankMy.Site ensures that your listing is optimised for targeted keywords to propel your website to the top of the rankings in your region.

Local SEO also requires an audit of your website. Issues with the layout, structure, or content on your website may hurt your overall SEO score. Our professional team reviews your site, backlinks, and domain authority to find ways to improve your SEO.

Along with optimising your GMB listing and website, local business SEO requires citation building. A local citation is any type of online mention of your company name, phone number, or address. We know the most effective ways to generate more citations from quality sources, increasing your local visibility and bringing more traffic to your establishment.

Increasing your visibility in local searches gives you a competitive advantage. When people in your area search for products or services that you offer, you are more likely to appear ahead of your competitors, which helps to draw more new customers to your doors.

Local SEO helps level the playing field in local regions. It gives you a chance to compete with larger enterprises and reach different areas. If you are trying to expand to a new market, local SEO can help build greater awareness and drive sales for the successful launch of a new location. For established businesses, SEO provides an opportunity to acquire more of the local market.

The strategies used to build your local search visibility continue to benefit your business. By maintaining proper SEO, your website continues to appear at the top of the results, offering an opportunity to grow your business and reach a much larger audience.

Choose Rankmy.site for Your Local SEO!

Whether you need to rank higher in a competitive market or a rural area with less competition, you need a tailored local SEO marketing strategy from a reliable SEO agency. RankMy.Site has worked with businesses of all sizes and in virtually every sector. He brings this experience to your custom SEO strategy.

We use a holistic approach for addressing your needs, involving a comprehensive examination of your website, market trends, competitor analysis, and keyword research. We combine this to enhance your SEO score and start boosting your visibility in local searches.

If you want to become one of the top three businesses in local searches related to your industry, the next step is to set up an initial phone consultation. The consultation is completely free and comes with no obligation. It gives us a chance to learn more about your business and your objectives.

RankMy.Site is ready to bring more potential customers to your local business. Request your free phone consultation today.

Debate About Local Business SEO

There can be no denying that the internet has significantly increased and improved both the quantity as well as the quality of information which is at the disposal of the user however it would seem that at times, the quality material is often buried in a pile of irrelevant and immaterial content as well. Indeed, many people report that have suffered from the dreaded “paralysis by analysis” phenomena whereby they find that they are unable to reach a satisfactory decision on a particular issue or topic simply because of an information overload in their midst.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was adopted as a means of tackling this issue and so each of the various websites will be allocated a specific page rank which will determine the order in which they are displayed whenever an internet user searches for a term related to them. This means that the user will only ever be presented with the most relevant and up to date material rather than being bombarded with page after page of redundant content.

However, as effective and helpful as the SEO process is and maybe it is by no stretch of the imagination totally perfect and there are still a considerable number of flaws within the system. Indeed, it is entirely possible for a website which has duly ensured that all of its HTML code and metatags are structured in the correct manner but which has very little meaningful content to outrank a website which has placed greater emphasis on content rather than the SEO magic. Therefore, sometimes websites and quality will fall through the net and not provide the specified level of quality.

Local search engines are in effect, a search engine within a search engine in that rather than contain information about every single possible and conceivable issue under the sun, they will instead focus on a narrow range of different topics and niches. A local search engine under this definition then can be best described as a “specialised search engine”.

Given that the overwhelming majority of different search results (many of which will be only tenuously linked and related to the search term submitted by the user) will be effectively eliminated within the local search engine, this would seem to suggest that there is simply no need to make use of local SEO at all. After all, if you own a website about catering supplies and you are included within a local search engine that is designed to appeal to restaurant owners, then why even bother trying to climb through the ranks?

The answer is really quite simple: even though the number of irrelevant and useless links and websites maybe reduced within the local search engines, the basic rules concerning which websites will be listed still remain. Given that the average internet user will not look beyond the first page of the search results returned to them via a search engine, this means that if you want to actually attract a decent volume of traffic you need to make sure that you actually use Local Search Engine Optimization methods.

Statistics and market research have proven that local search engines are extremely effective in helping companies and websites be able to attract customers and additional traffic because they are designed to be more relevant to the customer. Indeed, many customers will actively seek out local search engines in order to ensure that they only receive relevant results within their particular geographical area.

If a person lives in Glasgow, Scotland and are looking for a sports masseuse within the area, then they are not likely to be very interested to find out the contact details for a sports masseuse who is based in England or further afield!

By increasing your exposure and profile within a local search engine, you will also be significantly increasing your brand profile as well as the degree of customer loyalty within your local area as people will be more likely to return to a store which they have already shopped at.

Local Search Engine Optimization is a challenging and tricky process, but ultimately it is one that can and indeed will pay off very significant dividends in the long run. We at RankMy.Site have a significant degree of expertise in all aspects of SEO and so we will be happy to help when and where we can.

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