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RankMy.Site has seasoned PPC professionals based in London and have successfully managed PPC campaigns ranging from a budget of £1000 per month up to £120,000 per month. Being a core search engine specialists, we understand how keywords help generate traffic and how they affect your final conversion. Our experience with content and A/B testing also helps us a lot in PPC when it comes to writing text ads that can increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) exponentially hence increasing your ad score which in turn specifies how much you pay in an open bidding environment on Google platforms.

If your answer is yes to above questions, then we are here to fix the situation. We are Certified Google Ads specialists with hands-on experience of managing PPC budgets from £1000 up to £120,000 per month with a quick learning curve to adopt to different industries. We are highly qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google Ads.

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Five Pillars of Our Successful PPC Campaign

We offer a multi-featured Pay-Per-Click Campaign management program, keeping in mind the five most important requisites of a successful PPC Campaign:

We provide a FREE 30 minutes consultation to potential clients. So if you think you need our assistance, please make a contact. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Google Ads (PPC) Planning & Setup Phases

PPC account management at our agency shapes up in three unique phases. Below are the steps that we normally take during each phase to give you an idea of how our ads process works.

Phase 1: Analysis

In this phase we analyse your website services and landing pages. We also conduct competitors research and their top performing keywords. Then according to your budget, we will decide the format of campaign structure. Phase 1 will include following task:

  • Finding Your Right Business Competitors
  • Complete analysis of top paid competitors including analysis of their top performing keywords & creating ad groups accordingly
  • Landing page suggestions to make website more users friendly and convertible

Phase 2: Account Setup

In order to set up an effective PPC Campaign for your site, in our pre- campaign activities, we will:

  • Establish marketing budget and campaign objectives
  • Develop comprehensive list of applicable keywords
  • Research competitive landscapes and set bidding strategies
  • Create different ad groups with thematically placed keywords
  • Choose different match types for keywords
  • Create different types of ad copies which will help us get more relevant and business oriented clicks
  • Select proper landing pages
  • Establish key performance indicators
  • Develop compelling creativity to drive result
  • Set up conversion tracking

Phase 3: Campaigns Optimisation

Setting up a proper campaign is only half of the job done. Optimising and regular tweaking is what gets the best out of our campaign. PPC campaigns need regular optimisation and we always have to keep an eye on our running campaign performance. These optimization tasks involve:

  • Preparing new ad copies and pausing the ads which are not performing
  • Bid management
  • Continuous monitoring, tracking of search activity
  • Competitive analysis of the website in terms of finding potential audience, selecting relevant - keywords and a proactive budget recommendation
  • Targeting quality traffic
  • Identifying relevant Keywords that have high search volume and less competition
  • Improving campaign/s Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Using optimum bid value to achieve maximum traffic within the budget
  • Detailed keyword research in co-relation with target audience / market
  • Objective based Bid Rate Analysis
  • Use of additional information/extensions such as: Sitelinks, Callouts, price, message, call, location extensions & more
  • Keywords Optimisation
  • Required Keywords Match type targeting
  • Negative Keywords Insertion
  • Keyword-focused and thematic Ad Copy writing
  • A/B Split-testing for Ads and Landing pages
  • Campaign performance monitoring / tweaking on a daily basis
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Qualified Leads With Conversion Optimisation

We specialise in new Google Adwords aka Google Ads experience and our strategy is not based on increasing bidding amount to get clicks. Carefully planned keywords research using competitors data, well crafted to-the-point text ads and excellent user experience of the landing pages helps us bid lower than your competitors and give results within your ROI.

For any PPC campaign we aim for the bottom line – ROI. Our team is well versed with conversion optimisation, and generating qualified traffic that ultimately provides qualified leads. Unless you are using a custom CMS or any other landing page builder, we recommend using Unbounce to create your landing pages for better conversion optimisation. If you are on a low budget, then Elementor free version can do the job as well.

Because of extensive research and manual work required for custome PPC, we only take limited number of clients with a minimum budget of £5,000 pm or higher. If you have a smaller budget, you may want to look at our monthly packages instead. Please check our monthly fixed price PPC packages.

Please use contact us page to ask further details. Initial email or phone consultation is totally free till you are sure to move ahead.

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