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LinkBoost technology is based on platform of real websites. Our algorithms then place relevant links to your website with professionally written unique content. This technology driven automation drives results; always!

Human Monitored

Even though our automated platform does the heavy lifting, our in-house SEO staff is always monitoring your campaigns. Each campaign is tweaked regularly to get the best results possible for high search ranking.

Safe Strategies

From thousands of business owners on our panel, we select a small pool of quality websites that are relevant to your business. We even link to your social profiles! This is what makes our strategy effective and above all - Safe.

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LinkBoost Basic

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Minimum 5 Keywords

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Minimum 5 Keywords

The only legitimate white hat link building you can trust! LinkBoost is designed to effortlessly address the important ranking signals used to determine the value and relevancy of a website. The code and supporting network of businesses help each business owner build on their existing sites and connect with each other. The goal is to reduce the amount of time each client spends on their SEO effort.

NOTE: LinkBoost is premium link building solution specifically designed to rank more competitive keywords using natural whitehat link building techniques. It's offered as an ad-on to our SEO Dashboard customers. As a new customer, you can still sign up for LinkBoost as a stand alone service. 

Cool Features That Make LinkBoost Hot


LinkBoost generates important keyword related pages that a client may be missing and adds a new page to the site automatically. The new optimised content page gets grouped into an article section which we add. The article section must be linked to from the homepage but we recommend linking from all pages on the footer. A footer link is a great way to integrate these pages


After unique content is written, our system goes to work building links to that content. The tool attempts to pair up client’s content pages with a site on the network in its related category. We manually check and correct architecture and content from both the link sender and link receiver. We then reference the new content with a short paragraph and relevant title linking in. The end result being high quality links with more weight and real authority.


Each client is provided with login to our dashboard. The login will allow the customer to directly interface with their links and content. Once the LinkBoost is installed, client will be provided with a live report that shows the links being generated, corresponding keywords, where the link appears, and relevancy score. Our system will actively watch for new relevant link partners daily and make sure the links stay live.


LinkBoost code is installed on your website by our technical team. Original content for each keyword is created by our native English writers which is then published on your website using LinkBoost code. Relevant links are built pointing in from websites. The whole process is manually reviewed by our in-house SEO experts. This unique combination of optimised content and relevant website references is so powerful that it improves domain authority and search engine rankings within weeks of implementation.


Since 2008, we have serviced over 30,000 websites with more than 10,000 active websites on our panel. Low churn and high success rate is the biggest proof of LinkBoost popularity. You can get an overview of our platform by clicking the button below. This page includes some analytics as well as ranking samples and client testimonials. This page pulls live data directly from the platform.

It Gets Even Better!

No Long Term Contracts!
We are so certain you will love our technology that you are free to cancel any time. Unlike most SEO's, we don't tie you to a long term contract. Signup with your Paypal buyer protection.

SEO Architecture Using Silo
We create keyword content structure on your website formatted into silos to achieve the best possible results. Content siloing is the best on-page strategy for quick SERP increase.

Malware Detection / Alerts
Our system can detect and quarantine sites infected by malware to protect the network. Users are notified if we find any issue on their websites.

Social Media Link Building
Social media link building is an added bonus with our service. You can link your social profiles in your account and they will be included as part of your listings on the relevant websites.

SEO Insurance
We strive to deliver the best quality SEO for our premium clients. All new signups are screened for relevancy and quality before allowing them in our system. We make sure that all sites have original content and dedicated IP address.

No Footprint
To avoid footprints, we use naturally flowing news feed structure with handwritten unique content by native English writers. Our SEO LinkBoost code translates the feed into html like all other pages of your website making it 100% natural.

Technology Behind LinkBoost

LinkBoost is a revolutionary SEO automation tool from RankMy.Site. It provides both on-site and off-site SEO for quick and easy ranking of competitive keywords. It’s an algorithmic approach using real business website like yours and connecting them via RankMy.Site platform. This provides an unmatched genuine opportunity of quality natural backlink juice exchange among these sites. RankBoost uses latest machine learning technology to enhance ranking signals of keywords based on the value and relevancy of a website. With the original, optimised content prepared and deployed by our in-house SEO team using LinkBoost code, our algorithm will start creating authority inbound links from competitors and businesses of similar nature as yours.

Relevant keyword will be added to optimised article section. All new pages are tagged and coded with the corresponding keywords. Once the LinkBoost is setup on your website properly, interlinking process starts right away enhancing your backlink profile within days. LinkBoost watches for new relevant link partners on daily basis and checks the platform periodically to ensure the links stay live over time.

Transparency is our key strength. Each customer will be given login details to sign-in to our platform dashboard where they can monitor all the new links being built, corresponding keywords, on which sites the link appears, relevancy score and search engine progress.


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Relevant Human Monitored Natural Link Building

LinkBoost is a proven link building tool to increase your search engine ranking

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