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Search Engine Optimisation is not about keywords or ranking anymore, its about targeted traffic. Real SEO is based around bringing custom-intent traffic to your website, improving conversion rates, revenue and return on investment. Our multi-faceted bespoke SEO strategy is customised to fit your needs with quicker leads and long lasting traffic.

SEO Discovery Process

  • Target Audience Discovery. Includes; comprehensive competitive research, search traffic projections, content strategies, and specific goals and prioritisations.
  • Complete competitors' analysis and finding what is working for them.
  • Categorising keyword research; creating a target audience base.
  • Finding gaps and opportunities in the market for your products and services.
  • Creating a custom SRD (SEO Research Document)
  • Insights & Strategy with Implementation Plan

18 years of innovation and endless hours of work we put in understanding and implementing SEO knowledge, we not only created best of the breed SEO packages, but also a strong team and proven process of applying this knowledge to growing companies’ bespoke SEO needs. Custom SEO solutions go far beyond the basic SEO practices that most of the SEO companies stick to.

> Organic Traffic
< Bounce Rate
> Average Visit Duration
> Pages Per Session

Here is the Value for Your Money

Our technical team takes care of your website for updates, on-page SEO changes, technical improvement, website speed, URL structure, user experience etc etc, so you don't have to hire a web developer.
If you can measure it, you can manage it. Our technical SEOs take care of your conversion tracking and optimisation. This helps in gauging the outcome of our SEO efforts including monitoring essential KPIs.
No SEO can be perfect without quality backlinks. We have a large number of high quality sites from our bloggers network and we can create niche backlinks to improve our SEO efforts quickly.
Our experienced writers take care of monthly blog posting and tweaking existing landing pages content to make sure they have proper keyword density and good readability using LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) techniques.
We create social signals to make sure your SEO growth is integrated. We monitor and grow your social media. We also integrate Google Ads, Analytics and Tag Manager to make all reporting smooth.
You will have full access to RankMySite SEO dashboard where you can monitor your website growth and progress as well create reports to understand how well you are performing.

What Does Our Custom SEO Services Include

Our A-Z SEO Services to Boost Your Ranking
Website Audit
We perform complete website audit to find any crawlability issues, problems with internal & broken links, technical audit of the website and any other underlying SEO issues
Competitor Analysis
We analyse your main competitors to understand what is working for them and what are their ranking factors.It also includes spying on their backlinks profile.
Site Speed Optimisation
Website speed is one of the most important Google ranking factor that is overlooked by most of SEO companies. We make sure that your website speed is optimal.
White-hat Link Building
SEO effort is incomplete without proper backlinks. We generate regular white hat backlinks with generic anchor texts to give your domain and ranking a boost.
Keyword Research
Whether it's SEO or PPC, a digital marketing strategy starts with the right keyword selection. We find the keyword and search terms that will bring the right audience & potential clients to you.
On-page Optimisation
Based on the technical analysis, competitors insights, and keyword research, our team creates and implements full on-page, METAs & content strategy for your website.
Social Marketing
Social signals are important SEO ranking factor. We connect your social media to your SEO Dashboard, do social bookmarking and spread your brand on different online media.
Analytics & Reporting
Any hard work is pointless if you can not measure its progress. We connect your SEO Dashboard to your Google Analytics and generate regular reports for your peace of mind.

See Your Website Optimisation Score

It all starts with a quick analysis of your website. Please fill in the form and we will provide a complimentary analysis of your website.

Our team of professional SEO experts is the perfect partner for a successful business partnership. Take the first step. Let us help you grow !

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a technique where you optimise your website layout, structure, content and UX to drive organic traffic through search engines, mainly the Google. Search engine optimisation has evolved itself over the years and has become more of a science than art. SEO is one of those rare skills that require certain aptitude (eye for details, and analytics skills for example), lots of hands on experimenting along with regular education and keeping yourself abreast of how Google is modifying its search algorithm.

All digital marketing activities are meant to generate awareness, leads or sales. The ultimate sales can be generated through organic traffic when you rank high in Google for a set of keywords with a higher SERP (search engine result placement). Or leads can be generated by placing paid ads on the web, be it search engines or social media networks sites.

As a start-up or a small business, you should divide your budget between SEO and PPC. Paid advertising can generate immediate “Leads >> Sales” to support your cash-flow and give you confidence, while the SEO will bring organic traffic in the long run. You can generate leads and stay in top results in Google search or Google Display Network (GDN) using paid ads or PPC. However, the moment you stop paying, your sales drops significantly. On the contrary if you have established your website as an authority in the niche you are working in and are enjoying high SERP for your business keywords naturally, you can keep benefiting from organic traffic with regular maintenance of your website SEO which will cost you far less than paid ads.

PPC is good for initial lead generation and brand awareness when used CPM (you pay for 1000 impressions/views) on display network rather than CPC (you pay for each click).

Even though the average CPC (Cost Per Click) in Google is between ‎£1-2, CPC for highly competitive keywords averages £15 reaching to up to £40 per click (loans, weight loss, viagra etc). If you are getting an average cost per click of let’s say £5 and you are getting about 100 clicks a day, your monthly PPC budget will be close to £15000. You can still get 100 clicks through organic traffic by spending one third of this amount on SEO. The decision on whether you need to use SEO services or PPC entirely depends upon revenue and cost per sales. Average CTR (click through rate) is 2% and the average conversion rate is between 3-5%. This means that if out of each hundred clicks, you are going to convert 3-5 customers. You need to see average revenue per sale to calculate your costs and ROI unless you are doing this for brand awareness reasons.

That’s a tough question to answer in fact. Ranking your keyword depends upon the competency of the keyword or in other words how many other websites are targeting the same keywords. If your service or the geographical area you cover is unique and only fewer websites are competing for that keyword, then with proper SEO, you can be on the first page during the first three months without any issue. If you are targeting highly competitive keyword, then ranking will depend upon the time and the effort you make in increasing your website authority and the number of back-links, as compared to your competitors. However, the good news is that a smart SEO can help you rank for long tail keywords in short time so that you can start benefiting from organic traffic and have some revenue while you work on cracking the tough keywords. In all cases, SEO is your best weapon to generate online leads in the long run.

NO. That was an easy question to answer, wasn’t it? As the rankings depend upon third party (Google), no SEO is able to give you guarantee for your keyword ranking and timelines. However, SEO these days is not all about ranking, its more about content, user experience, organic traffic and conversions. So even though you may not be ranking for the contracted keywords quickly, with our growth guarantee, you will still see organic traffic and conversions increasing as well as the website authority through proper content writing and syndication. That is why, we offer 6-month free of charge SEO work if you don’t improve targeted organic traffic during the first 6 months of work.

SEO needs to be transparent and you have the right to see the efforts and work done on your website by your SEO contractor. Any proper SEO work done on your website is definitely going to pay back one way or the other. Even proper optimisation of your landing pages for SEO can save you on PPC bidding for these pages because of their higher quality score.

For small business SEO services, or if you have fixed monthly budget for your digital marketing, please check our monthly fixed price SEO packages here.

As a Londoner, you already know that countless companies offer SEO services in London and the surrounding areas, some good and some bad. To avoid the cowboys, use our checklist:

PRICING – Does the agency offer itself at the current market rate? If they seem too good to be true, they usually are.
TIMING – SEO is not something you can action overnight and anyone telling you so is probably only out there to make a fast buck.
PLANNING – Does the company have a realistic plan to present to you? Can they explain what they’re going to do using everyday language?
TESTIMONIALS – Ask to see some of their previous work and check with the companies in question to see if they’re any good.
TOO PUSHY – If they’re urging you to sign up, ask for some time to think about it. Above all, any good SEO agency will be completely transparent and talk in understandable, everyday language.

Why Choose Us?

Based in London, we represent the best SEO Services in UK (ask us for our SEO Results). Our team at RankMy.Site is highly experienced and can often see right away what needs to be done so it won’t always take as long as you might think.

Why do you need an SEO service anyway?

All good entrepreneurs know that web presence is crucial and it’s not just about getting your site up and running. Your site must be optimised for search engines so the potential customers can find you. If you’re not high up the page rankings, your site is letting you and your business down, we will help you climb them.

Search Engine Optimisation is very complex and the whole field is constantly changing. The learning curve can be frustrating, expensive and time consuming. Maybe it’s time to bring in the experts?

We keep up with technology so you don’t have to!

With the programming that goes into the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, nothing stays the same for very long. These shifting sands can be a major headache even for an experienced webmaster. We keep abreast of what’s trending from week to week and from site to site and can fine-tune your website to keep you at the top end of the page rankings, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.


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