Manual Link Building Services

Manual Link Building Services

Link-building can be both laborious and tedious, yet for the webmaster who’s willing to put in hours of hard work, the dividends can be significant.

Linkbuilding has the ability to make or break your website

  • It will significantly improve your site’s search engine ranking
  • You will attract higher volumes of targeted web traffic
  • The additional traffic will be relevant to your site
  • You’ll achieve a higher conversion rate of sales per visit

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Client satisfaction is guaranteed. We provide results - more leads, more sales within your budget.

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Our Link Building Process

Link-building can be both laborious and tedious, yet for the webmaster who’s willing to put in hours of hard work, the dividends can be significant.

There’s a certain amount of mystique about the science behind link-building and though it remains one of the most frustrating methods of SEO, while other techniques will eventually become outdated, link building by its very nature will always be the cornerstone for future search engine optimization. Many SEO consultants will touch on it briefly and offer rudimentary link building services, but in so doing they miss the chance to really lay the foundations for your website’s mid-to-long term success.

As the mechanics behind search engines becomes ever more refined, there is a need for quality links between sites. Many novice link builders will simply flood their websites with anything that seems vaguely relevant and then fail to achieve their aims. They may even be penalised by the search engines, pushing them further down the rankings than before they started the whole process. Quality, not quantity, is the key to link-building so try to avoid the temptation to spam your site in this way.

A sure-fire method to improve your link profile and credibility is to add quality copy to your site on subjects you know you can talk about. Other people will read it and make it a reference point for their own sites, often padding them out with your articles and blogs, meaning more and more users will read it and pass it on again. It’s organic networking at its best and it really works.

Link building can be tackled in a number of different ways and it is vital that a website owner carefully reviews each different option before deciding which is the most appropriate. Choosing one at random – either due to a lack of expertise or the pressing need to be “doing something” – is both ill advised and ineffective. Such a shot in the dark approach will rarely achieve any lasting success.

At we will explore all the avenues available to maximise the linkbuilding potential of your website, carefully reviewing the aims of the site, working towards your goals with a cost effective and productive approach in keeping with your budget. With our extensive experience of SEO as a whole we are extremely confident in our ability to supply the kind of high quality links that you deserve.


We have been working very closely with some of our national clients using our newest strategies
“custom outreach link building approach” over the past few months and the results are quite strong, we’ve just stabilized our backend team and now we are ready to offer this package to the public.

How does our “custom link building outreach” work? Our team will first analyze the industry/niche/competition and compile a target list with mixture of authority sites/links/pages with existing SEO value and high relevancy. Then our team will approach to webmaster/editors/bloggers and
try to negotiate terms on acquiring the link.

We have different team of link builders, editors, writers that focus on various niches from technology, finance, legal, healthcare, IT, e-commerce, mobile, tech, marketing, construction, real estate among others and we are using 100% outreach on every single link we build.

During our custom outreach, our team will often able to acquire and negotiate authority guest posting and publication with the web masters within each industry as well. Topics are carefully prepared with top tier writers to ensure approval.

Outreach Trial Options:

  • Standard Price Per Acquisition – £120
  • SME Package: 8 powerful, natural links per month – £750
  • Enterprise: 15 powerful, authority links – £1200

All packages above include outreach, finding proper sites, content writing by native speaker and link placement.

Decide your ambition and then pick a plan that suits you!


Most or all of the below checks need to be met for all the links we build through our outreach process. This is to make sure that you get only the quality links.

URL is Live? Does the page load when you go to the URL?

Domain/Section is Contextually/Categorically Relevant: Is the site or category relevant to the client’s site? If you were browsing that link location’s website and you saw our link post, would you feel that the post is appropriate for that site/category?

Domain is in Google’s Index: Go to and search ‘’. If there are no results, then the domain name is not indexed in the Google.

Resource Provider (writer/Illustrator) is a Niche Specialist: We ensure that an industry/niche specialist ghost writer or influencer writes the content.

Article is Topically Relevant: The content provided to the link-brokers and published on the host domain must be relevant to the client’s market/niche.

Article Properly Formatted (bullets, lists, headlines): Written content should be properly formatted. This means proper use of paragraphs to break-down the information into logical and structured blocks, often meaning sub-headings (H2) for content more than 200-300words. If lists of any kind are used, the correct formatting should be used;

    1. for Ordered lists and
      • for unordered lists.

Page has Social Media Sharing Buttons: The URL hosting our media should have social media buttons, at least Facebook Like.

Link is on a unique C-Class IP address: All the links we provide must be on different C-Class IP addresses.

Link points to the correct Landing Page: The Hypertext Reference (HREF) should point to the correct client Landing page URL, as based on keyword research and targeting assigned.


Being over 10 years in the SEO industry, we have developed close relationship with journalists, bloggers, online magazines & authority sites. We have thousands of sites that we already have established relationship and can post on these sites with a contextual link back to your site.


Below are our link building packages that we offer using our relationship with authority sites. All the sites are owned by different bloggers, owners and do not belong to any PBN (Private Blog Network), hence ensuring they are physically hosted on unique IPs and different locations to give you a linking-domain variety. Websites are on a mixed DA/PR with minimum domain authority of 15 reaching up to 50. All websites have a minimum of PR 2 reaching up to PR 6.

Domain Authority (DA)Number of Links/MonthPrice in (£)Duration
15-40 Mixed105002 weeks
15-40 Mixed209003 weeks
15-40 Mixed3013004 weeks


SSD works with several local and international SEO agencies and provides quality white-label link building service for their clients. Because of our 10 plus years experience and our relationship with journalists, bloggers and quality sites, we already have hundreds of quality sites that we can negotiate a link fairly quickly for your clients. We sign NDA (non disclosure agreement) and we never contact your clients directly. We provide you regular white-label reports for your clients and all tasks are done on timely fashion. Please fill in the form below to discuss white label SEO link building service for your agency. Agencies get a straight 20% discount on all our package with a minimum spent of 1000$/month


Link building is considered the prime technique in raising your website SERP (Search Engine Result Placement). In both classical SEO (pre-penguin) and modern SEO (post penguin), link building is still considered the main criteria for a site authority by search engines.

Link building is a process that varies greatly based on the targeted keywords, site age, site authority and domain power. Sites that are quite new and have low authority, link building process is slow and gradual from a variety of sites mixed in quality and content. Sites that are old and are enjoying good reputation with Google, direct high quality links with extra pace are adopted.

Link building at SSD Dubai has evolved greatly since the recent updates in Google. We follow search engine guidelines strictly while requesting a link on another site, particularly for Google SEO. All measures are taken that the links are as natural as possible and they pass any updates by Google algo even in the future.

However, generally speaking, following measures are taken in our overall link building methodology.

  • Link building at is started based on the targeted URL or the landing page. Overall page theme is created for a set of keywords targeting to that page including carefully written content which is not keyword stuffed, proper METAs and the page structure. Once the on-page is done properly the link building process starts.
  • Link sheets are maintained based on each keyword rather than each URL to make sure each keyword gets proper rotation in terms of frequency, intensity and power.
  • Link variation is the main factor affecting site authority after recent Google updates. A variety of back links are introduced, rather than just focussing on easy and routine links.
  • Link velocity is monitored carefully. Frequency of link building is kept on a gradual increasing pace that makes it more legitimate in the eyes of Google that the site’s popularity is increasing gradually.
  • No-follows are mixed with do-follows to make the link building process look natural.
  • No automation is used whatsoever. If you are already aware of SEO and link building, you must know there are plenty of automated link building software and services where you can create hundreds of links in just minutes. However, these links are repeated, auto-posted on blogs, forums, profiles, and have generic content. For example, you can build 500 links on Word Press using Scrapebox in just 30 minutes, but do these link benefit? The answer is NO, rather they make your overall link building process weaker and may get you in trouble with search engines as well.
  • We have our own in-house content writers and US/UK based ghost writers and we don’t use any spun content for whatsoever reasons. It’s hard to create 100% unique, legible and user-friendly content even using the best of spinners and as a matter of fact, correcting the spun content to make it look nicer takes more time than writing one from the scratch, so we don’t go this way.
  • To get one quality exact anchor text link, we build around 9 other links with varied, generic anchor text, naked URL and long-tail phrases containing the main keyword to avoid over-optimization penalty. It’s quite challenging but that’s what we charge for and that’s what produces results.
  • Once a site’s authority is maintained somewhat, pages are indexed, some PR has been obtained and ranking has started increasing, some high quality links including high quality guest blog posts and contextual links are introduced to get to the breakthrough for hard keywords. All these quality links are manual and natural in look. These links are placed on the pages that are not spammed.
  • All measures are taken to avoid spammy or spammy-looking sites while developing backlinks. All linking sites are evaluated for their PR, site authority & domain authority and linking URL is reviewed thoroughly to make sure it doesn’t contain more than 25 OBLs (outbound links).
  • Links are built keeping in mind the traffic from that URL and not just the link juice, so our quality links actually increase direct hits to your site and help you in more sales.
  • Tier-2 and tier-3 links are developed in some cases to increase the tier-1 link juice.
  • Weekly link reports are shared with the client so you can see it for yourself how good our team is following the link building guidelines we are claiming.

For confidentiality reasons, we can not disclose our detailed link building strategy on the web, but the above points are the main guidelines during the training of our SEO experts and link builders and the team follows these guidelines strictly and all links are monitored by team leads at the end of each day to make sure no “wrong” link is added to your website.

Please contact us to discuss your overall SEO or link building needs, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.